The Accra Youth Sinfonietta
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The AYS was founded in 2019 by Keys of Change, answering to requests from local teachers and students from the greater Accra area to put together an ensemble of young musicians from all walks of life, in order to empower the youth through music. The heart of the orchestra are the young musicians from Kinder Paradise, a children's home in the outskirts of Accra. The launch of the orchestra took place in November 2019 with a performance at the Kempinski Gold Coast City Accra, with a group of 40 musicians performing a variety programme under the baton of Panos Karan. Keys of Change plans to continue its visits to Accra, in order to continue working with children that would not otherwise have access to music education and live performances.

The Accra Youth Sinfonietta is driven at its heart by a team of professional musicians from across the globe, dedicated and passionate local musicians and teachers in Accra from private schools, public schools and music schools, along with a team of volunteers who have a vision for the future of classical music in Accra.


The AYS is an inclusive orchestra, bringing together young musicians from all walks of life in Accra, where everyone is welcome and where every young voice is given an equal opportunity to be heard, valued and respected.


The foundations for the AYS were laid in 2015 when geniusHive Foundation started teaching music at Kinder Paradise children’s home on the outskirts of Accra. Following this, a group of the young music students were invited to perform as part of a programme at the Kempinski Hotel.   


Following this early performance in 2015 community support and student enthusiasm for performing classical music has increased, and for 2019 Keys of Change was invited to be part of these young musicians’ journey. Together, the joined forces of all these people have led to the creation of the AYS.


The journey in presenting their launch programme in November 2019 has been a long one from inception, introducing the music to the students slowly throughout 2019 and building up to the final two weeks when the team from Keys of Change arrived to deliver daily rehearsals in Accra and in Kinder Paradise, where these young musicians have grown from being individuals ‘playing a part’ to becoming an orchestra – where the students are all listening to each other and respecting each other’s contribution – regardless of age, ability or address.

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