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​The Kolkata Youth Orchestra




Keys of Change has organised several visits to Kolkata since 2013, working with young musicians and performing in orphanages, homes for the elderly and music schools.  Keys of Change have supported the Kolkata Youth Orchestra since 2014, a group of young musician who come from extremely difficult backgrounds, providing musical coaching by European professionals and performance opportunities for the Indian musicians. In November 2014 Keys of Change put together a joint performance with the KYO, attracting an audience of more than 700 people. 


In November 2016 the Kolkata Youth Orchestra together with Keys of Change presented an “International Music Evening”, in two concert concerts at the Grand Ballroom of the Oberoi Grand and the Vidya Mandir. More than 75 musicians took to the stage making this the largest western classical music orchestra to have ever performed in the City of Light.  These concerts were the culmination of several months of rehearsals with their own conductor and founder of the orchestra, Sanjib Mondal, followed by two weeks of intense coaching and workshops with seven musicians from the UK, Greece, Romania and Japan who came especially to Kolkata to work with the young people. Keys of Change used this opportunity to bring in to the these concerts as many young people as possible from Kolkata’s surrounding communities.

More than anything, Keys of Change wishes this collaboration to be a chance for young people who are facing tremendous hardships to come together in a positive and creative spirit, to use music and music learning for improving themselves, share with the world something that would have never otherwise been expected from them: unity, determination, hope.  


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