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Marleen Hiemsch – cello


Marleen is a German cellist and hypno-coach. She studied music education in Germany until 2018 and then completed her master’s degree in 2020 at the Royal Academy of Music in London. She has also completed a course as a hypnotherapist and coach.


Marleen is a devoted chamber musician and teacher. Alongside her work for Keys of Change, she is a visiting music teacher at the DG College in Aldgate and has been giving private lessons for the last ten years. She is especially interested in the craft of playing the cello and making learning as effective and fun as possible. Her knowledge of hypnotherapy also enables her to help musicians overcome stage fright, tension and other mental issues. Seeing children and adults believe in themselves and their potential and connecting through music is one of the greatest joys of her work. 

During her studies - due to her own issues with mental and physical health - she completed a training course as a Hypnotherapist and Coach and is helping other musicians and artists overcome stage fright, tension, pain and other mental issues. Her knowledge in this area influences her teaching; helping children to become healthy and happy musicians in all areas is one of her main concerns when it comes to teaching. 

Marleen was the principle cellist in several youth orchestras in Germany and Co-Principal in the RAM Academy Symphony Orchestra. Most recently she won the Harold Craxton Prize with her Lumos Trio and is part of the Royal Ballet Scheme. 

Marleen loves giving recitals with her chamber music partners, spending time in nature, travelling, swimming, philosophy and helping people overcome their traumas. 

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