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Bach in the Amazon.


Keys of Change founding project was in the Amazon. The pioneering project "Bach in the Amazon" started in March 2011 and continued in November of the same year, with a repeat visit in May 2012, and Greek pianist Panos Karan and his team travelling to remote villages in Ecuador and Peru and performing classical music for indigenous communities. The project is planned to continue in Brazil, having navigated the entire length of the river, aiming to reach in total 88 communities, a symbolic number after the number of keys on a piano. 


Between 2011-13 Keys of Change provided instruments and sponsored guitar lessons for more than 20 students in the Ecuadorian community Sani Isla in the Amazon Basin. During the same period, in collaboration with the Condor Trust for Education, it provided a scholarship for 10 students from the community of Sani Isla to continue their high school education in the town of Coca, since there is no high school in their community.


As a result of the repeated visits, a music education platform has been established in Quito, Ecuador providing access to music classes to students from deprived backgrounds. Approximately 30 students are learning the guitar, 50 are part of a choir, and 15 are in a dance group. Keys of Change has plans to expand the music education network to Peru and Brazil in the coming years. 

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