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Club Europe Concert Tours

We’re delighted to be in partnership with Club Europe Concert Tours, who has become our Approved Music Tour Operator.


Club Europe will be working with us to help fundraise for and promote our charity with collaborative concerts given by students both in the UK and abroad. Keys of Change Founder Panos Karan will also work with some of Club Europe’s young UK musicians to support music education in their school and promote the work of the charity.


A family-owned specialist music tour company, Club Europe have been organising youth and adult choir, band and orchestra tours to destinations across the world since 1980. All their tours are tailor-made for each ensemble and combine performance opportunities with a cultural programme of visits and activities.


Find out more about Club Europe’s school music tours and their band, orchestra and choir tours for adults. In addition to their school music tours, they also offer action-packed school ski trips to Europe and the States, educational school trips that support all areas of the curriculum and tailor-made sports tours for young football, rugby and hockey squads.

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