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Impact of the project

“The Kyosuke who came back yesterday does not look any different outside, but it is obvious he has gained some meaningful experiences. I realised that this project had a big impact on him when the first thing he said was, "I am definitely going back to the UK." My family was severely affected by the disaster, practically and emotionally. Kyosuke, the youngest of my family, had the deepest determination to continue his efforts in music.

P.S. Kyosuke says British women are very beautiful. He is sad that he cannot dance like his two fellow dancers.”

Mrs. Takano

Mother of Kyosuke (cello)


Impact of Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta

London - Fukushima


This was a life changing experience for the students from Fukushima that participated in this project. More than anything, this was an invitation of help with the healing process after the tragic events of 2011. The music, the rehearsals and performances, were a tool to bring the individual students closer, to give them an opportunity to be heard, to help them express themselves freely, outside the (at times rigid) school environment.  In addition, it contributed greatly to the development of particular musical skills, as well as to improving their leadership, collaboration and teamwork abilities.


The effects of the visit were also felt by a large number of individuals and groups. 


In Fukushima


Parents, teachers, friends of the musicians (see comments throughout the report).


In London


- Young musicians from Orpheus Sinfonia, several of whom have become increasingly interested in bringing music to new audiences; 


- children from the Kids Company, many of whom had never heard classical music before, and almost all of whom had never met Japanese people before. It is worth mentioning, that after the visit of the Fukushima musicians, several of these children expressed an interest in learning the Japanese language, so the Kids Company have organised weekly lessons for them;


- young people who attended the QEH concert. KoC organised free tickets for groups from: 

- Greenford High School, Southall

- Globe Academy, Southwark

- Lister School, Newham

- Graveney Secondary School, Wandsworth

- Treehouse, Kids Company, Camden

- St Christina’s School, St. Johns Wood

- Central Foundation Girls School, Tower Hamlets


- in total, over 1,000 people heard the orchestra play live in the UK, as well as many more on television and subsequently on youtube and other internet sites; 


- the whole project received considerable publicity both in Japan and the UK, showing very large numbers of people that even a disaster on the scale of Fukushima in 2011 cannot quell the spirits of young people who are determined to go forward and make the very best of their lives.


Making friends 

Students of Greenford High School in Ealing meeting with members of the Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta after the concert at the QEH (left).


The Japanese musicians make friends with children in Camden, after a performance at Kids Company (right).  


“My daughter enjoyed the performance so much, and above all, the advice from the professionals of the Orpheus Sinfonia really motivated her to study more about music. Thank you so much for giving her such an opportunity for self-development.”

Mrs. Takano 

Mother of Mayu (1st violin)

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