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Looking ahead

“For Rio, the rehearsal days when she was taught by professional musicians in Fukushima were just like dreams, and she repeatedly said throughout the week that, "I have never in my life had such a fun time." The farewell in the airport was a very tearful one, I heard. She has now woken up from her dream and started normal school life. The words of Panos-san and Zach-san that "We are coming back to Japan" are really motivating her now. I believe we can see everyone from Keys of Change again. If you really do come to Fukushima again, even after the participants of this trip have all graduated from middle school, please make sure to contact us. I hope that after your success in creating the Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta, you will find it easier to be funded by cultural foundations in Fukushima and become more sustainable.”

Mrs. Yamada 

Mother of Rio, 1st flute

Looking ahead

August 2015


One of the main commitments of Keys of Change is for this project to remain ongoing. The students, teachers, and everybody involved displayed great enthusiasm, involvement and engagement to harvest results that will last for many years to come. Keys of Change believes that there are many more young people in Fukushima that should bear similar benefits in the future. Keys of Change would like to continue an annual musical activity of the Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta. 


In August 2015, Keys of Change would like to return to Fukushima, inviting up to 80 students from several middle schools, to participate in two weeks of rehearsals in collaboration with several professional European and Japanese  musicians, and present a concert in Fukushima Concert Hall and Opera City Concert Hall in Tokyo. 

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